Pareeksit Bagchi topper

1. My name is Pareeksit Bagchi. I grew up in a middle class family where education was always given the top priority
2. Check the MUHS for syllabus first, get specific inputs about how to go about reading and read the standard textbooks
5. Oral pathology is extremely confusing… Make it a point to see the slides carefully and immediately ask the instructors for special features of the particular slide also a lot of revision of each topic is required to become thorough with the various diseases… Medicine and surgery reqiure continuous reading of the text and to apply the theoretical concepts in practicals
3. There was no set time table as our college schedule is quite hectic but i made it a point to read 2-3 hours a day
4. I used to read the chapters immediately after they were taught in college. As for special notes i don’t have any
7. Just for marks question banks are essential however inorder to really excel one must read the standard textbooks
6. My professors were very helpful and always have given special points which “must” be written in the answer paper
9. Answer point wise with neat legible hand writing and draw diagrams wherever possible. Before a practical exam one must pay more attention towards the clinical aspect of the subject which will help to answer viva questions
8. One requires regular studies and hard work throughout the year.. Also dental students must take their clinical work very seriously
10. In gdc read the medical subjects regularly which we generally tend to ignore and wherever possible ask your doubts to the post graduate who are posted in the department
11. Medical science deals with pain and suffering of human beings and must take our profession seriously and be compassionate towards the patients under our care.

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