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How many times did we have a thought of being able to change the education system? Well, here is the chance . If people run behind you for notes or you have always been fond of explaining difficult concepts lucidly to your friends, then We are waiting to work with u in the academic team.

iMedscholar Academics

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Aspire to run a startup or an NGO ? Or simply interested in improving your administration skills? Join the operations team and work at the core of iMedScholar, you will get to learn skills like assessment and evaluation, management, strategy making and more.

iMedscholar Operations

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An organisation is only as good as the people running the organisation. Help us find the most capable medical students who can take this initiative far and wide. Learn the essence of team building, cultivating work culture , and most importantly dealing with people! 

iMedscholar Human Relations

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No content can serve its complete purpose unless the brand is communicated well and reaches the targeted audience. At PRM we do exactly this! Brand building, Brand communication, digital marketing, photo editing, content writing are some of the many areas we work on. Join us and help us reach students and doctors all across the globe

iMedscholar Public Relations and Marketing

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Using technology to create equality has always been our core motive. We aspire to dissolve the differences between central and peripheral institutions using internet as a tool, Join the tech team to learn web designing, app building, search engine optimization, video editing and the list goes on.

iMedscholar Tech

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Be our college representative and get a chance to be our face at your college, and build your own iMedscholar college team!

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