iMedscholar is an online study portal run for students by students. This website intends to provide a platform for students to be able to study in a fun, interactive and easy way. The information is directed to students of medical and para-medical fields. All the information present on the website is available to all the students absolutely free of cost.

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A platform for students to publish their study-work online in their name, and make it accessible to millions around the globe. Have a mnemonic to share? Made your own notes? Got a pic-monic? Help a fellow medico out and don’t hesitate to publish your content on our website. You can submit your articles at tech@imedscholar.com


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Who we are

iMedscholar is run by a student community trying to create a self-sustained structure of medicos helping each other out. We wish to create an open ground for students to be able to share and receive information while celebrating how easy and fun learning could be!

What we do

We create academic content for medical and paramedical students for various subjects and make it available at one common place. We also facilitate a portal to receive such content from students and make it accessible for others to use.

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