Paediatrics mnemonics

Adverse effects of Phenytoin

We can remember the adverse effects of Phenytoin by the mnemonic- HOT MALIKA 😛 H– Hirsutism, Hypertrophy of gums O– Osteomalacia T– Teratogenic M– Megaloblastic anemia A– Ataxia and nystagmus L– Lymphadenopathy I– Inhibits release of insulin (hyperglycemia) K– Vitamin K deficiency A– Arrhythmia As Phenytoin is teratogenic, it causes certain malformations in the fetus …

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Autosomal dominant disorders

We can remember the Autosomal dominant disorders by the mnemonic- DOMINANT VH3 D– Dystrophia myotonica O– Osteogenesis imperfecta M– Marfan’s syndrome I– Intermittent porphyria N– Noonan’s syndrome A– Achondroplasia, Adult polycystic kidney disease N– Neurofibromatosis T– Tuberous sclerosis V– Von Willebrand’s disease H– Hypercholesterolemia H– Huntington’s chorea H– Hereditary spherocytosis -Mrunali Gondane Other similar posts: …

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