Cubital Fossa

Cubital Fossa

Cubital fossa is the triangular area on anterior view of the elbow

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Lat- Brachioradialis    

Med- Pronator teres



Base– an imaginary line joining two epicondyles

Apex– Meeting point of BR and PT

Roof – superficial to deep

  • Skin
  • Superficial fascia containing
    • median cubital vein attaching cephalic and basilic veins
    • medial and lateral cutaneous nerves of forearm
  • Deep fascia, supported by bicipital aponeurosis



1. Median nerve-leaves the fossa by passing between two heads of PT

2. Brachial artery-ends in fossa by splitting into radial and ulnar artery

3. Biceps tendon

4. Radial nerve-At the level of lat epicondyle it breaks into:   

i. superficial radial nerve

 ii. deep radial nerve

1. Median cubital vein is the vein of selection for taking blood samples and giving IV injections

2. Pulsations of brachial artery are taken for recording BP

-Anuja Mandavkar

Ariba Ali

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