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Thank you 🙂 . I am Vaibhavi Rajan Gore. Final year BDS student, having scored 148- general surgery , 155- oral pathology, 128-general medicine in third year BDS University exams .

  1. Master the subject , definitely not. I tried my best in learning the subject in depth, interesting topics and subjects of 3rd year and of course the teaching pattern helped to gain as much knowledge.
  2. No, there was never a set schedule to I know I won’t follow anyway ..I am a morning person..thus morning study everyday for about 3-4hours. And of course the hours of studying increased during exams unfortunately.
  3. Yes I have the habit of taking down important notes of every subject after the topic is that is very helpful in understanding the subject and also before exams .
  4. No, nothing as such specific pointers .
  5. Yes, professors do guide us in a very appropriate manner, they let us know important points and also manner in which exam paper has to be written.
  6. Thorough reading of the text is a must , well acquaintance of knowledge is always helpful maybe not during exams butduring any path in your clinical practice. Solving question banks after thorough reading boosts your confidence in knowing the subject.
  7. You need to understand the seriousness during exams. There are no extra efforts taken during exams…only moto is to revise the syllabus before exams.
  8. Theory exam paper should be neat and systematic, inclusion of flow diagrams , pointwise answers and diagrammatic representation. Practical exam preparations are related to more of clinical relevance study.
  9. I believe hardwork and determination do help us in achieving various heights . There are no tricks .
  10. Hahaha, no nothing at all…just belief in yourself in achieving different heights in your life and have faith in GOD..things will fall into place ?


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