Devank shah sion topper

1.Congratulations on achieving such an amazing feat. Tell us a bit about yourself. Please also tell us your individual marks in each subject.

Hi. I am Devank Shah. My individual subject marks are




Forensic Medicine-35

2.So, when all of this is new and the rest of us are still busy figuring the head and tail of the subject,how did you tackle and master the syllabus?

Answer: It’s all about starting early for me. Start quick and get acclimatised to the nature of the  subject as soon as possible. It’s alright if in the initial few weeks you can’t understand the subject and that isn’t a reason to ignore the subject. If you do this it’s mote than anyone can demand.


3.Did you have a set schedule, a time table that you stuck to? What were the daily hours that you put in self study ?

Answer: I did not stick to any particular timetable but tried to study at least 3-4 hours  productively per day. Try to be at par with the syllabus being covered in the institute, which is really difficult. Set it as a goal and even if you can do 80% of it , that’s phenomenal.

4.Did you have a different methodology of tackling the subjects? Any special notes that you prepared?

Answer: I used to watch a lot of clinical videos and even theoretical topics. Youtube channels like Osmosis, Anatomy zone, Khan academy, Armando Hasudungan and a few others. These channels don’t give you a detailed analysis of the topic but are wonderful for introducing you to an unknown topic and it takes considerably lesser time to read that topic. Make notes of the topics that you find difficult to remember and store them well (unlike me, who lost it when needed) and keep reviewing then again and again.


5.Do you have any special pointers for specific subjects? The do’s and don’ts of it?

REVISION. We all finish reading humongous portions of the subject but recall is where I was badly hit. For any subject in medicine “Read and remember whatever little you read”  I think is the mantra. Focus a lot on the important topics because that is what you will see in your practice and you must know them pit pat.

6.Was there any help that you acquired while exam preparation? Like any visual aids any professional guidance? Or those little tit bits that the professors tell us but none other than the toppers pay attention to? Please share with us.

Answer: as in answer 4

7.How vital is the Question Bank during exams? Does it come highly recommended or you advice thorough reading of the text and having confound knowledge of the subject?

Answer: The questions that are important according to the question bank are in fact the cases you will see in your practice. It’s very rare that a divide exists between the two. It’s essential to know those very important topics and then go into the depths of the subject which otherwise would lead to poor results in spite of the efforts that you put.


8.How do you propose the students study and what kind of discipline should be followed during exam time?

Answer: During exams it’s of prime importance that you go through every topic atleast once howsoever confident you might be in the topic. You can never be sure in the field of medicine.

9.Could you give some important pointers on Exam writing skills? And also how should one prepare for a practical exam?

Answer: be really systematic in writing your answers. Don’t go on writing sagas in your answer sheet. Just give your examiner directly whatever he/she wants to read. (Resort to stories when you don’t know anything about the topic).Make use of flow charts  and diagrams , that makes your paper look apart and more understandable. Before a viva make sure you go through all topics superficially because that is what all examiners are looking for .-

Basal knowledge about everything. For clinical cases it’s necessary to attend postings thoroughly otherwise you never will get a knack of it.

  1. Any special tricks and tactics for the students of your college who would be reading this?

Answer: In case of vivas there always exist professors who love particular topics. Make sure you read them in and out.

11.So, do you have any parting thoughts? Like disclosing that secret mantra that you chanted or that special brand of energy drink you savored? Just kidding. Seriously though. Anything at all?

Answer: Nope

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