Amruta Varma GMC Latur topper

1.Congratulations on achieving such an amazing feat.   Tell  us  a  bit  about  yourself. Please  also  tell  us  your individual  marks  in  each subject.

1) My name is Amruta Varma and I am from 2013 batch, GMC, Latur.

Marks : Pharmac-109/150
               Pathology- 109/150

2.So, when all of  this  is  new  and the  rest  of  us  are  still  busy  figuring the  head and tail  of  the  subject,  how  did you tackle  and master  the  syllabus?

 2)  Initially when 2nd year began, I had no idea about how vast the syllabus is and I had nothing planned, like, I have to do this or that,all I had in my mind was to keep reading and try to understand whatever I’m reading and I guess all I actually did throughout 2nd year was  just read the text books and understand and try to grasp everything that I’m reading and of course put an extra effort during exam time and I guess this is what helped me score good in 2nd year.

3.Did you have  a  set  schedule, a time  table  that  you stuck to?  What  were  the  daily  hours  that  you put in self study  ?

3) I did have a time table but i could never stick to it,so I had to prepare a new one every now and then and the amount of time you put in self study varies, the most being in the exam time and the least during the post exam period.

4.Did you have  a  different  methodology  of  tackling  the  subjects?  Any  special  notes  that  you prepared?

4) I followed the basic rule of studying- read,understand, revise. Yes, I did prepare notes of the topics that were vast and hard,so that during exam time I didn’t have to waste a lot of time to go through those topics all over again.

5.Do you have any  special  pointers  for  specific subjects?  The  do’s  and don’ts  of  it?

5) For Pharmacology-Dos:   revise revise revise and Prepare notes
                               Don’ts- dont directly read the notes first read the text books, that is more useful in long run.
Pathology-Dos: prepare self notes and Practice the microscopic diagrams
                 Don’ts-“DON’T MISS YOUR PRACTICALS” ,most of the Pathology you actually understand is in the practicals.

6.Was there  any  help  that  you acquired while  exam  preparation?  Like  any  visual  aids  any  professional guidance?  Or  those  little  tit  bits  that  the  professors  tell  us  but  none  other than the  toppers  pay  attention to? Please  share  with us.

6) My father is a doctor ,so that is the  most important help I get during my exam time; he clears my doubts regarding any topic or subject if there are any. And of course the “little tit bits ” from professors are very helpful.

7.How vital  is  the  Question bank during  exams?  Does  it  come  highly  recommended  or  you advice  thorough reading  of  the  text  and having confound knowledge  of  the  subject?

7) Question bank is very important,as it helps you to understand the topics and questions that are important keeping the theory i.e. university exams in point of view,but even more important  is reading the text thoroughly.

8.How do you propose  the  students study and what kind  of  discipline  should be  followed during  exam  time?

8) Every student has his/her own way of studying and the main thing that should be followed during exam time is that don’t put a lot of stress on yourself, for those who do and for those who wait for the  last moment, do not take time for granted.

9.Could you give  some  important  pointers  on  Exam  writing skills?  And also  how  should  one  prepare  for  a practical  exam?

9) Write what has been asked and to the point, we are being trained to be doctors not story writers.
And if possible keep your  paper presentation good (this is one thing that I have tried to maintain in my answer sheet but in the end while going through my paper the thought that  always comes to my mind is whether the examiner will be able to read what I have written).

10.Any special  tricks  and tacts  for  the  students  of  your  college  who  would be  reading this?

10) No special tricks  regarding study but I would like to say my juniors that, focus on concepts and clinical importance of the topic.

11.So, do you have  any  parting thoughts?  Like  disclosing that  secret  mantra  that  you  chanted  or  that  special brand of  energy  drink  you savoured?  Just seriously  though..anything at  all?

11) The mantra that I firmly believe in is -“Success is not final, failure is not fatal”.

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