Peptic Ulcer


Dis continuation of epithelial lining

i.e. Damage to Epithelial Lining in the GI tract with acid and pepsin secretion areas

i.e. Lower End of Oesophagus, Stomach, First Part of Duodenum

A) Excess secretion of Acid-Pepsin by Gastric Mucosa

B) Diminished ability of Gastro-Duodenal Mucosal Barrier to protect against Acid-Pepsin Secretion

i.e. Poor Mucus Secretion

C) Poor Blood Supply

D) Infection – Helicobacter Pylori (H-Pylori)

E) Alcohol

F) Smoking

G) Non Steroidal Inflammatory Drugs like Aspirin

1.Nausea with vomiting

2.Dark coloured stools d/t Hemorrhage

3.Loss of Weight

4.Blood Vomit

5.Feeling Bloated

6.Heart burning Sensation

A) Quit smoking, alcohol

B) Decrease spicy and oily food consumption

C) Prostaglandins for people adminstered with NSAIDs

D) Cytoprotective agents like Sucralfate to help with healing by forming a protective coating

E) Acid Suppresants like Anti-histaminics to inhibit Histamine action or Proton Pump Inhibitors to inhibit H+ secretion into lumen

F) Antibiotics to kill infectious agents

-Dharmin Doshi, MIMER Medical College

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