Natural contraception

Natural contraception

1.Rhythm method

it is based on identification of fertile period during a cycle and to abstain from sexual intercourse during that period. There are three methods
Calendar rhythm: recording of previous menstrual cycles
Temperature rhythm: noting the basal body temperature chart
Mucus rhythm: noting excessive mucoid vaginal discharge.

2.Coitus interruptus:

withdrawal of penis shortly before ejaculation

3.Breastfeeding, Lactational amenorrhea method

-prolonged and sustained breast feeding is a natural protection of pregnancy.

-more effective in amenorrhoeic women than menstruating women.

-for a women who is amenorrhoeic and breast feeding, risk of pregnancy is less than 2% in the first 6 months.

-otherwise, failure rate is high 1-10%
Hence, condom, IUCD or injectable steroids should be used to provide complete contraception.

-When to use a contraceptive method?
for a full breast feeding woman: in 3rd postpartum month
for a partial or no breastfeeding woman: in 3rd postpartum week.

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