Klumpke’s paralysis

Site of injury

Lower trunk of Brachial plexus


Undue abduction of arm while clutching something with hands after a fall from height or birth injury

Nerve roots involved


Muscles involved

Intrinsic muscles of hand (T1) & Ulnar flexors of wrist and fingers (C8)


Claw hand


  •  Cutaneous anaesthesia and analgesia along the ulnar border of forearm and hand
  •  Horner’s syndrome (Ptosis, Miosis, Anhydrosis on the ipsilateral side)
  •  Vasomotor changes: Skin area with sensory loss is dry and warm due to absence of sweating and arteriolar dilatation respectively (Loss of sympathetic activity)
  •  Trophic changes: Dry and scaly skin on long standing. Cracking of nails and atrophy of pulp of the fingers


– Jainam Shah

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