Emergency contraceptives

Levonorgestrel– 0.75 mg stat (within 72 hours) and after 12 hours OR 1.5 mg single dose. 

Ethinyl estradiol 50 microgram + Norgestrel 0.25 mg- 2 tabs stat and 2 tabs after 12 hours

Ethinyl estradiol- 2.5 mg BD for 5 days 

Conjugated estrogen – 15 mg BD for 5 days

Ulipristal– 30 mg within 72 hours

Copper IUD– Insertion within 5-7 days after accidental unprotected exposure. It is not suitable for rape victims. 

Centchroman– 2 tabs (60 mg) to be taken twice at an interval of 12 hours, within 24 hours of intercourse. 

RU 486 (Mifepristone) – 25 mg single dose is effective in 99.1 percent as a postcoital drug

Yuzpe method– combined high dose estrogen- progestin pills are used as post coital contraceptives. 


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