Diagnosis of ovulation

Ovulation occurs because of LH surge.

Onset of LH surge to ovulation – 36hrs

Onset of LH peak to ovulation – 12hrs

Diagnosis of ovulation :-

Conclusive – pregnancy

Direct – laparoscopy

Indirect :-

1) Ultrasonography – collapsed follicles and fluid in pouch of douglas

2) Vaginal cytology – maturation index shifts to left

3) Endometrial biopsy – from 21st to 23rd day of cycle

4) Basal body temperature – rise by 0.5℃

5) cervical mucus study – loss of ferning and stretchability

6) Hormonal estimation

  • Serum Progesterone – on day 8th and 21st. Increase in value from <1ng/ml to >6 ng/ml suggests ovulation.
  • Serum LH or urine Lh – daily estimation can indicate LH surge and LH peak.
  • Serum Oestradiol – peaks 24hrs prior to LH surge.

Vishal Jha

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