Complementary feeding

An infant is exclusively breastfed till the age of 6 months, as and when the child wants (at least 8 times in 24 hours).

After 6 months, breast milk alone is not sufficient to fulfill the nutritional requirements of the infant.

Hence, complementary feeding is started at the age of 6 months along with breastfeeding.

Complementary feeding refers to food which complements breast milk and ensures that the child continues to have enough energy, proteins and other nutrients to grow normally.


Breastfeed when the child wants.

Complementary feeding (6 to 12 months of age) –

  • Give at least 1 katori serving at a time of mashed roti / bread / biscuit mixed in sweetened undiluted milk OR
  • 1 katori serving of mashed rice / roti / bread mixed in thick dal with added ghee / oil OR
  • Khichdi with added oil or ghee OR
  • Add cooked vegetables in these servings OR
  • Use sevain, dalia, halwa, kheer prepared in milk OR
  • Cereal porridge cooked in milk OR
  • Mashed boiled or fried potatoes


3 times per day if breastfed, 5 times if not breastfed


At 6 to 12 months of age: Keep the child in your lap and feed with your own hands ,wash your own and child’s hands before feeding.

At about 2 years of age, the child should be given 3 meals of family food each day along with nutritious snacks in between. Ensure that the child finishes the serving and washed his hands with soap and water before meals.

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