Stomach Bed

Ever thought when your stomach was upset, it could actually be sleeping and having nightmares? 😢

So here we visit our little Tom, the stomach sleeping on his diaphragm bed ( which technically should be positioned superiorly but well… dreams you see).😪

Hiding under his very bed, inferiorly is the mega-Colon pirate staring from beneath the sheets.

The splenic flexure is also a part of the bed.

Posteriorly though is the fat lady fishing out poor Pancreas, away from his beloved stomach.

The pylorus lies anterior to the neck of the pancreas.

The crooked Kidney witch, hovering right behind stomach (Retro positioned) sure knows how to scare stomach. She carries ADRENA monster on her head, just like a hat.

The adrenal gland though on the superior pole of kidney, forms a part of the bed.

No one could have ever wondered that Tom the stomach would be scared of Spleen shaped balloons 🙁 and the balloons twisted hand, The Splenic Artery all set to get Tom.

Situated laterally and to the right of the stomach, is the Spleen with its splenic artery .

Only the lesser sac can separate stomach from his nightmares. Will he come to the rescue???

The contents of the bed are separated from the stomach by the lesser sac.

Contributed by: Vanni Jhawar