Glossopharyngeal Nerve


  1. It is the 9th cranial nerve
  2. It is the nerve of 3rd branchial arch


  1. Sensory to Pharynx, Tonsil, Soft Palate, posterior 1/3rd of Tongue, Carotid body & Carotid Sinus (PPTTCC)
  2. Motor to Stylopharyngeus
  3. Secreto-motor to Parotid Gland
  4. Gustatory to tongue and circumvallate papillae


Functional Components


  1. Tympanic branch
  2. Lingual branch
  3. Carotid branch
  4. Pharyngeal branch
  5. Tonsillar branch
  6. Muscular branch (to Stylopharyngeus)

Clinical Anatomy

  1. Lesion of IXth nerve causes : absence of parotid secretion, absence of taste from posterior 1/3rd of tongue and circumvallate papillae, loss of pain sensations from tongue, tonsils, pharynx and soft palate
  2. Glossopharyngeal neuralgia : short, sharp and severe attack of pain affecting posterior part of pharynx or tonsillar area
  3. Jugular foramen syndrome due to injury at jugular foramen resulting in multiple nerve palsies
  4. Clinical testing : GAG reflex, taste sensations on posterior tongue
  5. Pharyngitis causes referred pain in the ear due to same supply by IXth nerve (DD – Eustachian catarrh)

– Jainam Shah

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