Nutrition ppt


  1. Introduction, Nutrition Care Process: Nutrition Screening
  2. Nutrition Care Process: Nutrition Assessment
  3. Laboratory Data in Nutrition Assessment
  4. MNT in Anemia
  5. Nutrition Diagnosis and Intervention
  6. Food-Drug Interactions
  7. Integrative Medicine and Phytotherapy
  8. Diabetes
  9. Diabetes MNT Strategies
  10. Weight Management: Risk and Pathophysiology
  11. Weight Management: Medical and Nutritional Therapy
  12. Weight Management: Popular Approaches
  13. Eating Disorders
  14. CVD Prevalence, Risk, Pathophysiology
  15. CVD Treatment Guidelines and MNT
  16. Hypertension with JNC7 and MNT
  17. Heart Failure and Transplant
  18. Upper GI Disorders MNT
  19. Lower GI Disorders MNT
  20. Oral and Dental Health
  21. Digestion and Absorption Review
  22. Documentation of Nutrition Care

Cinda S. Chima MS, RD, LD
Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics
School of Family & Consumer Sciences

The University of Akron