Nephrology ppt

Nephrology Lectures

Renal Tuberculosis 
State of ‘Uncertainty’ of PTH Measurement in CKD
Lithium-induced Tubular Dysfunction
Acute Interstitial Nephritis
Anorexia Nervosa and the Kidney 
Atheroembolic Renal Disease 
HTN and CKD 
Acquired Cystic Kidney Disease
Wegener’s Granulomatosis 
IGA Nephropathy
Tumor Lysis Syndrome 
Hemodialysis Catheter Infections
IGA Nephropathy with Crescents 
Ethylene Glycol Poisoning
Renal Artery Stenosis
Pericardial Involvement in ESRD 
Iron Repletion in ESRD 
HAART and Kidney
Renal Vein Thrombosis
Hepatorenal Syndrome 
Adult Onset Minimal Change Disease
Alport Syndrome 
Renal Cell Carcinoma and VHL Disease
Acid/Base: Salicylate Toxicity 
Hepatitis C Induced Mixed Cryoglobulinemia
Scleroderma and the Kidney 
How Does Cocaine Cause Renal Injury? 
Interstitial Fibrosis and Tubular Atrophy 
Treatment of Idiopathic Membranous Nephropathy 
Calcific Uremic Arteriolopathy 
When to Start RRT in AKI
Got Aldosterone?
Acid / Base
Staphylococcus aureus-associated glomerulonephritis
Obesity and Renal Failure 
Regulation of Phosphate Transport in Proximal Tubule
Fibrillary Glomerulonephritis and Immunotactoid Glomerulopathy
What is TDF and is it nephrotoxic?
HIV-associated nephropathy
Acid Base Conference
Staghorn Calculi — Causes and Treatments
Renal Failure and Dialysis in Pregnancy
Sarcoidosis and the Kidney
ANCA vasculitis
Pregnancy & Renal Transplantation
Refractory Hyperparathyroidism
Myeloma and the kidney
Bartter Gitelman Syndrome
Schistosomiasis and the Kidney
Molecular Mechanisms of Antidiuretic Effect of Oxytocin
Acquired Renal cystic disease
Peritoneal dialysis for Acute Kidney Injury
Multiple myeloma and plasmapheresis
Hepatitis C related membranoproliferative GN
Lupus nephritis
IVIG related acute kidney injury
Acute interstitial nephritis
Vitamin D and Immunity
Cellular FSGS
Hemodialysis in the elderly
Use of vaptans in the treatment of hyponatremia
Minimal change disease and treatment with steroids
SIAD: Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuresis