Symptoms and treatment of Parkinson’s disease

You can remember the Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease by the very simple mnemonic – TRAP

TTremor (pill rolling and resting tremor)

RRigidity (Cog wheel rigidity)

AAkinesia or bradykinesia (slowness in initiating movement)

PPostural instability

Drug Treatment of Parkinson’s disease can be remembered using the mnemonic- BALSA (Balsa is a variety of wood)

BBromocriptine (Dopamine receptor agonist)

AAmantadine (Increases dopamine release and blocks cholinergic receptors)


SSelegiline (it is a MAO inhibitor and acts by inhibiting the breakdown of dopamine…also remember COMT inhibitors)

AAntimuscarinics (help to balance the dopamine and acetylcholine levels)

Surgical treatment of Parkinson’s disease includes Pallidotomy and Deep brain stimulation.

Hope it helps you!

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