Cholesterol biosynthesis mnemonic

AAaaa HMP (Pentose) Pathway Is Difficult 😱, Go Forward and Study Liver’s Cholesterol !

A Acetyl CoA

A Acetoacetyl CoA


M– Mevalonate

P– 5-Phosphomevalonate

P– 5-Pyrophosphomevalonate

P– 3-Phospho 5-pyrophosphomevalonate

I– Isopentenyl pyrophosphate

D– Dimethyl allyl pyrophosphate

G– Geranyl pyrophosphate

F– Farsenyl pyrophosphate

S– Squalene

L– Lanosterol

C– Cholesterol


A few other important points:

Cholesterol has 27 carbon atoms. Cholesterol synthesis takes place mainly in the liver. The enzymes for cholesterol synthesis are in the cytosol. The rate limiting enzyme is HMG CoA reductase.


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