Kasturi Sarvankar mhcet topper

1.Congratulations on achieving such an amazing feat.   Tell  us  a  bit  about  yourself. Please  also  tell  us  your individual  marks  in  each subject.

Hi. I’m Kasturi Sarvankar. My individual marks are:

Physics- 123/180




2.So, when all of  this  is  new  and the  rest  of  us  are  still  busy  figuring the  head and tail  of  the  subject,  how  did you tackle  and master  the  syllabus?

Well mastering the entire syllabus is way too difficult. What I tried to do was to master what is important and just go through what is not and that really helped.

3.Do you have any  special  pointers  for  specific  subjects?  The  do’s  and don’ts  of  it?

Mtg guides only besides the Aakash packages and standard NCERT textbooks

Physics is all about the numericals. I solved as many types and varieties of questions as I could get and not to forget to repeat the difficult or the tricky ones twice or thrice until you get a hang of it.
Chemistry, organic must be perfect. I focused on getting my basics clear and again solving loads of questions is equally important. It’s a must to know important reactions and specific functions of common reagents. For inorganic, I did it the same way I did biology. Physical chemistry, is simple. So I just did basic sets of questions and some theory part which was required.
Biology, read, learn, revise, revise again, revise again and again. That’s the only way to deal with it.
Please don’t ignore biology, please don’t. Because that’s the only subject where you can be sure about a great score, provided you’ve done it thoroughly. Physics theory can be ignored, but please do not overlook the simple tricks and techniques to deal with particular questions, that have been mentioned in the theory part. Trust me, these tricks are a savior.
4.Was there  any  help  that  you acquired while  exam  preparation?   Or  those  little  tit  bits  that  the  professors  tell  us  but  none  other than the  toppers  pay  attention to? Please  share  with us.  
Help as such? Not really. And about the little tit bits, well that depends on the kind of doubts you have. In general, nothing as such.

5.How vital  is  the  Question bank during  exams?  Does  it  come  highly  recommended  or  you advice  thorough reading  of  the  text  and having confound knowledge  of  the  subject?

Both of them. But I paid more attention to the previous year papers.
I never actually referred a question bank as such. Because you can never be sure about the type of questions that are going to be asked. Personally, I would advice thorough reading of the text.

6.Could you give  some  important  pointers  on  Exam  writing skills?  

Manage your time. Very important. You must allot specific time intervals for each section. Do solve as many papers as possible by setting the time limit. This is going to help you. Sure shot.

Do not stress. The more you stress, the terrible you perform. There’s going to be a hell lot of pressure around. So just please be calm. And yes, studying one night before exam, trust me, is a very very bad idea. Besides that, stay focused, do not lose hope midway, and manage your time.

7.Any special  tricks  and tacts  for  the  students who  would be  reading this?

Getting all my doubts solved was humanly impossible, but I made sure that important ones were solved. I mean if a particular question has been repeated twice or thrice in the previous papers, you’ve to get it solved. Solving all papers is a must, no tricks, no shortcuts. It is a must.


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