Anna Mathew mhcet topper

Anna Mathew
My name is Anna Mathew.. I’m from Mumbai.. It was my dream to get into CMC vellore right from the start.. But it seemed hard since there are only 12 unsponsored seats..
My hobbies are playing the piano, reading, dancing Bharatnatyam,
Singing and running.
I went to pace for my coaching during 11th and 12th and dos the Cbse curriculum in class 12.. My final board marks were 96.8%
I also got into the following colleges
Trivandrum medical college- through the Kerala entrance (rank 248)
Nair through mhcet (rank 272)
Jipmer through its independence (air 96)
I got an aiims rank through the exam ( air 197)
Kem through neet ( air 127)
CMC vellore after getting neet 127, mental ability test and interview.
I also got the Kvpy fellowship with an air of 441
My neet breakup was
Marks 617
Physics 146
Chemistry 136
Biology 335
My primary focus while preparing was all India exams and not state based entrances because my goal was to get into CMC vellore ( my 2nd preference was Jipmer or aiims Delhi )

For students preparing for the medical enterances I would reccomend
1 focus on understanding concepts
2 focus on physics and chemistry towards the beginning of the preparation and bio towards the end
3 prepare NCERT well.. I found they were good for concept
4 have a good understanding of math
5 accuracy comes before speed
6 have a specific goal in terms of college
7 study everyday but don’t stop all your hobbies.. Don’t give them 1st priority but don’t stop- you need to stay upbeat and happy
8 remember your competition

INTERVIEWER: Ananya Mathur

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