Towards happiness

Bhatke Vimukta Vikas Pratishthan (BVVP) purchased about 20 acres of land for the needy kids of Yamgarwadi where they set up a school ‘Eklavya Vidya Sankul‘, a hostel, kitchen, a park, playground, a small clinic with basic medicinal supply, ambulance, residential accommodation for teaching & non teaching staff. It’s a tiny world of these tribal kids. The school was granted state recognition in 1996, now having capacity of 350 students which keeps fluctuating. The school has classrooms, science lab with various science models (gifted from IIT Bombay), the beautiful walls are all filled with information from various subjects. The kids are educated and encouraged to be athletes, policemen, sportsperson, scientists, engineers, doctors, whosoever they want to become.

A mother when asked “How much would you educate your daughter ?” She replied “However much she wants to be educated”. People are realising the importance of education be it for a son or a daughter. In this school kids aren’t just educated, they’re loved as well. They’re not called orphans here.

They’re full of talent, from dancing, singing, yoga, athletic activities to science experiments, which we witnessed in the 1 day trip arranged by Sevankur for us medical students from Solapur, Latur & Ambajogai. It was a lovely experience where we saw their talents, performed health check-up but mainly interacted with these toddlers full of energy & enthusiasm. Some kids have passed out & successfully gotten jobs while others are still working here on their dreams. This was all made possible by angels living among us and it is upon us to support them in their endeavours. Being medical students, first step could be to become a small part of Sevankur organization, which helps such people all over Maharashtra, 1 week for nation and gives chance to medical students to do the same.

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Aditi Rana

Aditi Rana is a final year medical student. She wants to do research and social service in medical field. World is her muse for writing, penning down her thoughts while having a cup of tea gives her calm.

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