The tiny vagabond

This little girl was a free spirit, brave & independent. She was a kid but had responsibility on her back of earning money just to fill her stomach with a meal, life gave her no choice. She belonged to a Nomadic tribe, born & lived in Yamgarwadi (Tehsil Tuljapur, District Osmanabad in Maharashtra). She played with other kids on her homeland but disappeared from time to time . It worried Mr. Madanan, he wanted to know her whereabouts. So he decided to follow her one day.

She went to the nearest railway station, there she boarded a train. Mr. Madanan boarded the train after her, he saw her begging for money on the train. The train stopped at Mumbai where she got off and took a spot on the platform where she begged for money, the only way she knew how to get money as she was a kid she knew no other work or had no education.

She had her stations, platforms & places fixed in Mumbai for each day throughout the week where she begged. It saddened Mr. Madanan to the core, he wanted to change her life. He wanted to change the life of every little kid of Yamgarwadi who had similar stories. He wanted to create ‘Eklavya Vidya Sankul’. Sevankur recognizes people like Mr. Madanan who need help, and supports such people and organisations. Together these people make better tomorrows for people like ‘the tiny vagabond’.

The above article is the first part of the trilogy of her experience in Yamgarwadi. Make sure to read the articles that follow, links are given below!

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Aditi Rana

Aditi Rana is a final year medical student. She wants to do research and social service in medical field. World is her muse for writing, penning down her thoughts while having a cup of tea gives her calm.

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