The struggle is real

Nomadic tribes like that of Yamgarwadi are far behind in the race of world. Some kids are either orphans, or their parents are out there somewhere begging or struggling for a little amount of money in other ways to fill their bellies. We’re all so busy in our comfortable lives. We laugh out loud when we find a meme about a show on Netflix relatable, we stick with people with whom we relate but what about those with whom we do not relate? Who’re so different from us? We define our struggles like hating to wake up to the sound of alarm, studying for exams, buffering of videos due to slow WiFi, food not being delicious enough, road traffic, bad movies, pimples, dark circles etc.


Most of us either don’t have a clue of what real struggles are or are too ignorant to notice. This is the sole reason we need to visit such places to know about these lives who crave our attention, who crave our lives. They’re neglected and need food, shelter, education and health to rise up and be able to become a part of the happy developed society, the world where they can complain about the traffic and bad network too. Organizations like Bhatke Vimukta Vikas Pratishthan (BVVP) and Sevankur realized this years ago and have been working since for the sake of these people, for the help of needy, for the sake of humanity!

The above article is the second part of the trilogy of her experience in Yamgarwadi. Make sure to read the previous and following articles!

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Aditi Rana

Aditi Rana is a final year medical student. She wants to do research and social service in medical field. World is her muse for writing, penning down her thoughts while having a cup of tea gives her calm.

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