Seeking what is beyond!

Life is to live & to live in peace & harmony. At times there is no peace. No peace even in silence. Now where does this all come from ? If anything look closely in that mind for you shall find a subtle noise. That’s the noise of mind. That’s ones inner voice. By now it’s pretty clear that it’s the mind that matters the most. With relentless regularity & unflagging determination mind can be easily conquered. But the question is how far are you willing to go to make those ends meet ?

Recently I read about the Olympic champions who after returning home from the games suffer from what is called as Post Olympic Depression ( POD). After being hogged by limelight and years of persistent training, they feel a void once they resume what we term as daily routine. This inevitably and gradually paves a way for self doubt and dismay. Not all can cope up with that. We invariably should set higher and higher goals to maintain a healthy level of passion in life. Selecting a steady stream of compelling goals will liberate the fullness of your talents. Then and then only can we be worthy of ourselves.

Look at the sky & seek the vastness at every opportunity in order to see the smallness of yourself. That’s how we come to terms with ourselves, that’s how we function. Whatever happens in your life know it with awareness because in the diagnosis alone lies the remedy. Thought allied fearlessly with purpose becomes the creative force and he who knows this is ready to become something higher, something deep. There is no escaping and no looking back. A man should hold up a legitimate purpose in his heart and set out to accomplish it. This is the royal road to delve within. Being passionate is all about taking risks. You may indeed find yourself living a comfortable life now but it all feels like fitting in and doing it by the book. This may look right but does it feel right ? It’s easy to be impatient, it is easy to doubt your choices. But above all you need to be patient because one never knows what will transpire next. Too much to ask for, isn’t it ?

No one can destroy iron, but its own rust can ! Likewise no one can destroy us but our own thoughts can ! The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored. So start something that matters. Follow your impulse and grab your chance. That’s the ironclad truth you need to abide. Don’t avoid pain. We cannot escape pain. And when we accept this, is when we actually start living. In this endeavour silence is of utmost importance because it is silence that will forge your thoughts but only if you are aware of it. Silence is usually understood as something empty. This incomprehension is prevalent because very few people have experienced it. Indeed it is existential and not empty. It is a reality that is already present in everyone – we just never look in.

You need to drag yourself out of the slump. Our thoughts are like waves of ocean, swaying persistently, unsteady in their nature. They condition our mind. So know your mind and you will know how to live ! That’s the art of impeccability. Turn your sorrows into your strength because amazing takes time and legendary takes efforts. Everything happens first in mind and then in reality. The pull of the world keeps our mind scattered & diffused. And for the matter of fact we need to overcome that. If done rightly you will surely prevail ! Question every action, question every thought. That’s how we come to terms with our life. So regardless of your age, if you are breathing then you are ready for a change. Make an effort to build a belief & stay focused for it will drain you completely to achieve something bigger.

So whatever you do or dream, begin it. Boldness has genius, power & magic in it.

Aditi Nagpurkar

VMGMC solapur

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