Keep the Fire in You Burning

Whichever part of the world you might be living in, one aspect of life which appears to be common is the need for organization or you may say discipline. And trust me unorganized life is really miserable.

Now that I say the word ‘discipline’ many won’t get it. Discipline does not begin and end with waking up early. It’s not important whether you wake up at 4 am or 6 am in the morning. It is not important when you wake up, but what do you want to wake up to? You should be pretty clear about that. If you don’t know what you want to wake up for, then if you wake up at 6 or 10, it just doesn’t matter. Well, there are people who feel there’s no need to wake up at all. Keep sleeping! Good enough, isn’t it? At least sleep with clarity. You might be thinking I’m bragging about sleep but then who doesn’t love to sleep !
The mind is often compared to a monkey drunk with wine of desire, stung by scorpion of jealousy and possessed with the demon of pride. Having said that it’s plausible that a person’s mind is bound to fluctuate but then that is indeed very natural. The pull of the world tends to keep our minds scattered and diffused. As long as we make a habit of shifting from one activity to next, from one train of thought to another, we keep eluding from our real life. Life means fire. If your fire is burning, it means you are treading the right path, but if it burns out, then life becomes dreadful. Doesn’t sound right, does it?
Live your life with passion. For instance, Edmud Hillary, the first to climb Mount Everest, had faced failure thrice, earlier. Later at a party he looked at the portrait of Mount Everest and remarked, ‘Mt. Everest has a problem…it cannot grow more than 29,000 feet, but I can grow in my ability to climb farther than that’. That’s what we call ‘passion’.
Really, there are people out there who possess such a tremendous energy. The question is why don’t’ we? Why we fail to harbor such enthusiasm? What holds us back? That’s why, I say, question every action, and question every thought. This way you will come to terms with your life which in turn will channelize your energy. This isn’t a philosophy which is being enforced upon you, it’s a choice, if rightly made will surely prevail. Most of our life is determined by our day-to-day choices. It might not appear significant at that moment but somewhere out there it’s having a heavy toll on our life.
Are our tolerance levels so low that a small and meaningless exchange upset us? If so then it’s time to question our intellect. Because the mental climate a person creates determines whether he shall have hope even when things seem hopeless. I have leant that great are the people who do what has to be done, regardless of the consequences. Don’t let the fire in you die out, don’t. Achieve all that you want, do what you have to do to keep that fire in you burning brightly.
Why do you constantly look back? Is it really necessary? Let go of the past. What’s done is done The flame of fire should blaze with passion and the glow should have a wide extension. Overcome your doubts. Overcome your fears. Then and then only will the flame scintillate. Life comes with both gross as well as subtle things. Choose with utmost care. It’s you who have to dread the possibilities.
Shake hands with life and keep that fire in you glowing.
The question isn’t ‘CAN YOU’? No.
It’s ‘WILL YOU’?

– Aditi Nagapurkar
VMGMC Solapur

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