How to prepare for Endodontics Practical exams

How to prepare for Endodontics Practical exams

Talking about ENDO

It’s a little tricky in exam. Lots of things strike the mind when it comes to endo.

  • The fear of exposing the pulp.
  • The fear of damaging the adjacent tooth or cutting too much tooth structure.
  • The fear of running short of time…. oh, it’s never ending!

♦ Choose the correct patient. A clear case of food lodgment with slight discoloration is an ideal one for the exam. Do not take cases which show deep lesions on radiograph close to the pulp.

♦ Your patient should normally give you a history of food lodgment or discoloration

♦ Always round off the axio-pulpal line angle.

♦ First thing you should see is whether you have a good set of clean instruments.

♦ Never use brand new burs directly in exam. They cut immensely.

♦ Use a PDL probe to keep measuring the depth of cavity. If you feel you’re too deep, use a spoon excavator.

♦ Carry cotton rolls.

♦ Use a small piece of matrix band to protect the adjacent tooth from unwanted damage.

♦ Pre-dip your wedges in some LA so that they stop bleeding at the site which helps in maintaining isolation.

♦ Always keep a small piece of cotton in the prepared cavity, before showing it to the examiner.



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