A new Beginning- First year BDS

Anticipation. Fear. Anxiety. Hope. Expectation.

That’s what you feel when you begin again.

That cloud of uncertainty hovers about us as soon as we step into our new college.

First day of first year BDS.

It’s a lot less intimidating come to think about it.

If you belong to that elite minority (although its on a steep rise now) where you already have someone from the medical field in your family you might have already had an earful of all the Dos and Don’ts.

If not… carry on reading… I’d do my best to give you a first hand experience.

First things first…contact the administrative office and get your own copy of the lecture and practical schedule.

Next find a fellow batchmate… this is tricky situation.

As it’s your first day you would not know who are the allies and who are not.

A small tip. Look for a person who is as apprehensive as you, as scared as you, as clueless as you.

A confident freshie is a rare species… be on the lookout for them too.  Make friends.

If you do come across a senior… be polite.  Do not back answer.  We do know you have your own ego… but lets keep it aside for a while and pick it up when needed.

Your seniors may come off as rude and arrogant… but trust me when I say circumstances are the real culprits.

Next explore the campus. Make sure you know the premises especially your lecture halls and practical labs.

First day wouldn’t be so demanding so rest assured.

There’s absolutely no rush for you to go out and buy the prescribed books right away.

The two most important places that you should be aware of are

The Library and The Food Court..

Don’t sweat it on your first day itself as to how much you have to study…

You have your entire career to fret about it.

As of now. Enjoy the surroundings. Get to know everybody. And celebrate.

All your hardwork has paid off and YOU are now officially a professional.


Muskaan Inamdar
Sarcastic. Witty. A voracious reader. History buff. A cricket fanatic. And in a habit of adopting introverts. Yet a dentist.
P.S.- I was forced to write this.

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