Najmeh Mirkhushal Ashwini Rural topper

1.Congratulations on achieving such an amazing feat.   Tell  us  a  bit  about  yourself. Please  also  tell  us  your individual  marks  in  each subject.

1) My name is  Najmeh Mirkhushal. I am currently studying in Ashwini Rural Medical College and am an ex student of St Mary’s in Pune.

2.So, when all of  this  is  new  and the  rest  of  us  are  still  busy  figuring the  head and tail  of  the  subject,  how  did you tackle  and master  the  syllabus?

2) Well, I wouldn’t say that I’ve mastered the subject cause even my professors seem to still discover new things but yes, I did try to develop an overall understanding of the subject of course with the help of my professors.

3.Did you have  a  set  schedule, a time  table  that  you stuck to?  What  were  the  daily  hours  that  you put in self study  ?

3) As many of you would know or some might even discover there is no fixed schedule in MBBS. You’re always either tired after college or saturated at one point or if nothing then completing your journals and drawing diagrams. All you need to do is balance it out. You must complete your work under a given time limet so that you don’t burden yourself in the end. We all push ourselves to the dead line but you should only push yourself to a limit.

4.Did you have  a  different  methodology  of  tackling  the  subjects?  Any  special  notes  that  you prepared? 

4) No different methodology as such. Anatomy was easier with the diagrams and visualization, Physiology was all bases on Guyton, the understanding which that book can provide is beyond words and Biochemistry was all because of the perseverance of our HOD who made us want to study the subject.

5.Do you have any  special  pointers  for  specific  subjects?  The  do’s  and don’ts  of  it?

5) The do’s are just put your head down and study at some point, either for the class tests or terms or prelims or even university but whatever you study you make sure that you do it with absolute concentration.

The don’ts are that you shouldnt let the subject dominate you and you shouldnt get scared or hate the subject, that’ll just worsen it all for you

6.Was there  any  help  that  you acquired while  exam  preparation?  Like  any  visual  aids  any  professional guidance?  Or  those  little  tit  bits  that  the  professors  tell  us  but  none  other than the  toppers  pay  attention to? Please  share  with us. 

6) I just went home and studied. There is nothing compared to the comfort of your home, bed and good food that can motivate you to study.

I wouldn’t study all day and I don’t believe in studying continously or being saturated. Give yourself the needed breaks, rejuvinate yourself and start fresh.

7.How vital  is  the  Question bank during  exams?  Does  it  come  highly  recommended  or  you advice  thorough reading  of  the  text  and having confound knowledge  of  the  subject?

7) Due to the vast and never ending sea of syllabus in th medical field, its impossible to completely read and finish those giant books during the exams. So you must have a thorough read throughout the year and have found knowledge about the subject but when it’s exam time it’s wise to rely on the question bank.

8.How do you propose  the  students study and what kind  of  discipline  should be  followed during  exam  time?

8) You just need to study and the biggest thing to keep in mind is to not get stressed out. You must remain focused till the end. Also staying healthy is also very important, it can affect your mental status a great deal.

During the exams however the more you study and revise the more confident you feel so try to do as much as possible.

9.Could you give  some  important  pointers  on  Exam  writing skills?  And also  how  should  one  prepare  for  a practical  exam?

9) Firstly, your language should be comprehensible and writing should be legible.

Try to write in points and make as many flow charts as possible.

In Anat draw as many diagrams as possible and if possible try to diagrams everywhere, examiners love diagrams. The more pictorial and ease you give to the examiner the more likely you are to get better marks, also it saves a whole lot of time.

10.Any special  tricks  and tacts  for  the  students  of  your  college  who  would be  reading this?

10) As far as practicals go, you must attend all practicals diligently and keep practicing them cause practicals is just utilization of your theory knowledge and its the basis of your future.

11.So, do you have  any  parting thoughts?  Like  disclosing that  secret  mantra  that  you  chanted  or  that  special brand of  energy  drink  you savoured?  Just seriously  though..anything at  all?

11) Always seek knowledge not marks cause nobody asks you how much you got in any subject but knowledge never goes waste.

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