Lakshmipriya Lokmanya Sion topper

1.Congratulations on achieving sun amazing feat. Tell us a bit about yourself. Please also tell us your individual marks in each subject.

My name is Lakshmipriya Pillai .I am currently in my 2nd year of MBBS at Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College ,Sion.i have got  160 marks in anatomy ,151 marks in physiology and 169 in biochemistry each out of 200….And a totalof 480 out of 600

2.So, when all of this is new and the rest of us are still busy figuring the head and tail of the subject, how did you tackle and master the syllabus?

No one can really master such vast subjects in a year.And also everybody eventually getsadapted to the subjects within sometime.Just make a start and read the content thoroughly .Try to understand every bit of it and this will never happen with a single reading.The more youread the better you understand .

3.Did you have a set schedule,a time table that you stuck to? What were the daily hours that you put in self study ?          

No I don’t really have any set schedule but yes you should have some roughtarget of reading some part of the syllabus in a planned amount of time otherwise it may be difficult to complete the syllabus.

4.Did you have a different methodology of tackling the subjects? Any special notes that you prepared?                               

Nothing special.I am too lazy to prepare notes!

5.Do you have any special pointers for specific subjects? The do’s and don’ts of it?

Anatomy will require the maximum amount of efforts and multiplereading as you tend to forget much of it and constant revision is the only option.Physiology is comparatively more of understanding so the more you understand the better.

6.Was there any help that you acquired while exam preparation? Like any visual aids any professional guidance? Or those little tit bits that the professors tell us but none other than the toppers pay attention to? Please share with us.

None !

7.How vital is the Question bank during exams? Does it come highly recommended or you advice thorough reading of the text and having confound knowledge of the subject?

Confound knowledge of the subject is always advised.Maximum reading is needed.however it is useful to refer to the question bank when u are nearing the exams and be thorough with some parts of the portion as it is difficult to remember such vast syllabus….However before that the chapters should be well read.

8.How do you propose the students study and what kind of discipline should be followed during exam time?

I would say each one has his or her own ways of dealing with exams.Just try to complete maximum syllabus possible before the exams and dedicate whatever time is needed for the same.

9.Could you give some important pointers on Exam writing skills? And also how should one prepare for a practical exam?

Try to put down whatever you know and just do not write anything to increase the length of the answer as I don’t believe that the length of the answers is proportional to the marks awarded.Even if you want to do so make it a point to mention the relevant points first followed by what you want to add to increase the size of the answers .Make proper diagrams and flowcharts as the more you make it easier for the examiner to read the more marks you get.

10.Any special tricks and tacts for the students of your college who would be reading this?


11.So, do you have any parting thoughts? Like disclosing that secret mantra that you chanted or that special brand of energy drink you savoured? Just kidding..seriously though..anything at all?


INTERVIEWER: Ananya Mathur

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