Rutuja Bhilwande sinhagad topper

1.Congratulations on achieving such an amazing feat.   Tell  us  a  bit  about  yourself. Please  also  tell  us  your individual  marks  in  each subject.

1-I’m Rutuja Bhilwande,2nd BDS,studying in sinhagad dental college and hospital,pune

My 1st BDS scores are as follows

Gen anatomy-158

Gen physiology-164

Dental anatomy-141


2.So, when all of  this  is  new  and the  rest  of  us  are  still  busy  figuring the  head and tail  of  the  subject,  how  did you tackle  and master  the  syllabus?

2-All I did was just started knowing about the subject thoroughly instead of just panicking how will I cope with the subjects. In the beginning I was little worried but then I started understanding the subject as well as the syllabus.

3.Did you have  a  set  schedule, a time  table  that  you stuck to?  What  were  the  daily  hours  that  you put in self study  ?

3- It was not that I had a very strict schedule but all I did was just  regularly revising the notes taken from the lectures and further extending those notes after reading in particular textbook.

4.Did you have  a  different  methodology  of  tackling  the  subjects?  Any  special  notes  that  you prepared?

4-Mostly I preferred the notes which I prepared on my own after reading the text book. Most of my notes were in tabular as in the length was very short but contained lot about the particular topic just like key notes which I could revise a few hours before the exam.

5.Do you have any  special  pointers  for  specific  subjects?  The  do’s  and don’ts  of  it?

5-Basic thing I used to follow was practice as many diagrams as possible and try to write answers in form of tables or flowcharts

6.Was there  any  help  that  you acquired while  exam  preparation?  Like  any  visual  aids  any  professional guidance?  Or  those  little  tit  bits  that  the  professors  tell  us  but  none  other than the  toppers  pay  attention to? Please  share  with us.

6- Professors had always guided about the skill or tact of paper writing, which I always followed personally.

7.How vital  is  the  Question bank during  exams?  Does  it  come  highly  recommended  or  you advice  thorough reading  of  the  text  and having confound knowledge  of  the  subject?

7-I would advice to read the text books  and try to learn learn the subject first and then go for question bank.

8.How do you propose  the  students study and what kind  of  discipline  should be  followed during  exam  time?

8- Discipline is a must during exams which has to be followed. What I would suggest is try to get your own marks with your own efforts instead of adding them up with someone else’s efforts.

9.Could you give  some  important  pointers  on  Exam  writing skills?  And also  how  should  one  prepare  for  a practical  exam?

9- Paper should be neat and clean with lots of diagrams and try writing answers mostly in the form of tables or flow charts or diagrams.

10.Any special  tricks  and tacts  for  the  students  of  your  college  who  would be  reading this?

10- Just try to prepare key notes for every topic which can be revised quickly.

11.So, do you have  any  parting thoughts?  Like  disclosing that  secret  mantra  that  you  chanted  or  that  special brand of  energy  drink  you savored?  Just kidding.  Seriously  though, anything at  all?

11-What I would say is start studying the subjects with interest  for knowledge instead for scores.


My marksheet-

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