Critical Care ppt

CRITICAL CARE and Emergency Medicine Lecture Notes

Powerpoint links collected from the website of :  Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University

abcde and recognition of critically ill patient.ppt
Acid Base Balance.pptx
acute fatty liver versus HELP final.ppt
Acute intestinal failure.ppsx
Acute Kidney Injury.ppt
Acute Poisoning Management.pptx
Anaphylaxis latex.ppt
Approach for poly-trauma patient.pptx
Crit Care Spinal.ppt
Decompensated Liver Cirrhosis.ppt
Diabetic ketoacidosis.pptx
Difficult Weaning Hanaa.ppt
Difficult Weaning.ppt
Enteral Nutrition.ppt
eye sign.ppt
Fluid Resusc Trauma.pptx
Hepatic Dysfunction in pregnancy.pptx
Interpretation of ventilator graphics.ppt
Mass Casualty 1 of 5.pptx
Mass Casualty 2 of 5.pptx
Mass Casualty 3 of 5.pptx
Mass Casualty 4a of 5.pptx
Mass Casualty 4b of 5.pptx
Mass Casualty 5 of 5.pptx
Massive bleeding.pptx
Metabolic Alkalosis.pptx
Micronutrients A Salah.pptx
Micronutrients Noha.ppt
Modes of Mechanical Ventilation.ppt
Nut in Hep.ppt
Nutrition in Specific Diseases.ppt
Obstetric resuscitation.pptx
Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Resusscitation.pptx
Renal Support.ppt
RRT in ICU.pptx
Traumatic Brain Injury.ppt
Uncontrolled Hemorrhagic Trauma.pptx
Ventilation in ARDS.ppt

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Cardiothoracic Critical Care Presentations

Powerpoint links collected from the website of : The Society of Critical Care Medicine

GuidelinesforCardiac Surgery Patients.pptx (183k)

[02]Management of Postoperative hypertension.pptx (92k)

[03]Volume therapy in Cardiac Surgery.pptx (107k)

[04]Management of Hypotension and Low Cardiac Output.pptx (139k)

[05]Management of Left Heart Failure.pptx (306k)

[06]IntraaorticBalloon Pump.pptx (454k)

[07]Management of Right Heart Failure.pptx (107k)

[08]Postoperative Pulmonary Hypertension.pptx (251k)

[09]Blood Conservation in Cardiac Surgery.pptx (710k)

[10]Postoperative Bleeding & Guidelines for Transfusion.pptx (570k)

[11]Postoperative Conduction Disorders.pptx (7005k)

[12]Temporary EpicardialPacing.pptx (795k)

[13]Postoperative AtrialArrhythmias.pptx (3152k)

[14]Postoperative Ventricular Arrhythmias.pptx (2671k)

[15]Postoperative Cardiac Arrest in Cardiac Surgery Patie.pptx (2293k)

[16]Blood glucose management.pptx (404k)