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A- Aspiration with ryle’s tube B- Blood grouping and cross matching and Blood transfusion if needed. C- Charts (pulse, temperature, BP, respiration, urinary output) D- Drugs (prophylactic antibiotics and drugs specific for the condition) E- Exploratory laparotomy F- Fluids –Vishal Jha

The aetiology and risk factors for both Ca colon and CA rectum are same Aetiology ☹- SAD S- smoking A- alcohol D- dietary factors (red meat is bad, fibre is good) Risk factors Familial polyposis coli IBD – ulcerative colitis Adenomatous polyp Colorectal family Old age ,obese and lack of physical activity predispose to cancer …

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Causes of acute pancreatitis I: idiopathic G: gallstones E: ethanol (alcohol) T: trauma S: steroids M: mumps (and other infections) / malignancy A: autoimmune S: scorpion stings/spider bites H: hyperlipidemia/hypercalcaemia/ E: ERCP D: drugs ( diuretics, HIV infection, immunosuppressants) The first four letters are the most common causes of pancreatitis Other videos –