Clotting Time

Definition It is the time required for blood to coagulate in vitro under standard conditions. Methods Capillary Tube Method (Normal Range¬† – 8 to 15 minutes) Test Tube Method Others : aPTT, Prothrombin time, INR Prothrombin Time Normal Range – 25 to 30 seconds Abnormal Prothrombin Time is seen in : Haemophilia Liver Pathology Malabsorption …

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Growth hormone

Hormone : secretory product of ductless gland released directly into circulation in small amount in response to a specific to produce response in the target cell/organ. Growth Hormone – secreted by Acidophil Somatotroph of the Anterior lobe / Anterior pituitary / Adenohypophysis. Control of GH secretion : Release of GH is primarily undercontrol of a) …

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Peptic Ulcer

(PEPSIN and ACID) Dis continuation of epithelial lining i.e. Damage to Epithelial Lining in the GI tract with acid and pepsin secretion areas i.e. Lower End of Oesophagus, Stomach, First Part of Duodenum Causes of Peptic Ulcer A) Excess secretion of Acid-Pepsin by Gastric Mucosa B) Diminished ability of Gastro-Duodenal Mucosal Barrier to protect against …

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