LEFT SHIFT is seen due to: Fall in pCO2 Fall in Temp Fall in 2,3-DPG Fall in H+ Meth-Hb Carboxy-Hb Fetal-Hb RIGHT SHIFT is seen due to: Rise in pCO2 Rise in Temp Rise in 2,3-DPG Rise in H+ Sulf-Hb Hb-SS READ MORE ARTICLES: Calcium metabolism Leprosy/ Hansen’s disease Digital clubbing


Parkinson’s Disease Click the below link to download the document: Parkinson -Mansi Nahar

Definition It is the time required for blood to coagulate in vitro under standard conditions. Methods Capillary Tube Method (Normal Range¬† – 8 to 15 minutes) Test Tube Method Others : aPTT, Prothrombin time, INR Prothrombin Time Normal Range – 25 to 30 seconds Abnormal Prothrombin Time is seen in : Haemophilia Liver Pathology Malabsorption …

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Definition It is a test to assess Platelet Function and Coagulation Factor Status of the blood. Methods There are 2 methods to check bleeding time : IVY Method : Take a 1mm deep incision 10mm long on the ventral side of the forearm – Tie blood pressure cuff on the upper arm and raise the …

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Hormone : secretory product of ductless gland released directly into circulation in small amount in response to a specific to produce response in the target cell/organ. Growth Hormone – secreted by Acidophil Somatotroph of the Anterior lobe / Anterior pituitary / Adenohypophysis. Control of GH secretion : Release of GH is primarily undercontrol of a) …

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