Must know drugs for medical emergencies

Anaphylactic shock Adrenaline 0.5 ml sc / im Hydrocortisone 200 mg iv Diphenhydramine 25-50 iv/im Hypoglycemia Oral glucose Fruit juice 50 ml of 50% iv Glucose Glucagon Acute Myocardial infarction •Attach a Cardiac monitor •Administer Oxygen if oxygen saturation is <94% •Establish iv access •Nitroglycerin 0.5 mg sublingual •Morphine 5 mg iv with an Antiemetic …

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Status epilepticus

Status epilepticus is sustained epileptic activity with 1. two fits without recovery of consciousness in between OR 2.single fit of >30 mins with or without loss of consciousness Treatment aims at controlling seizures within 1 hour of admission. STEP A (first 20 mins) Maintain ABC (airway, breathing, circulation) measure blood sugar take a brief history …

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Status asthmaticus

Status asthmaticus is also called Acute severe asthma. In Status asthmaticus, 1.there is severe airway obstruction response to the initial standard treatment of asthma 3.severe dyspnea 4.unproductive cough 5.central cyanosis 6.tachycardia 7.sweating 8.pulsus paradoxus (more than 20 mm Hg fall in BP during inspiration) 9.Patient adopts an upright posture fixing the shoulder girdle to …

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Must know drugs for Medicine and Pharmacology Practicals

Must know drugs for Medicine and Pharmacology Practicals Click on the following drugs to read further. InsulinCalcium gluconateAdrenaline/EpinephrineHydrocortisoneAtropinePralidoximeNeostigmineFurosemide Sodium bicarbonateStreptokinaseUnfractionated heparinLow molecular weight heparinSalbutamolAmiodaroneDigitalis/DigoxinDobutamine   VerapamilNifidepineDiltiazemPhenytoin sodiumLabetalolOseltamivirArtesunateRifampicinDopamine Insulin Synthesized by Beta cells of pancreas.Discovered by Best and Banting.Administered subcutaneously using Insulin syringe, insulin pens, insulin pumps. Actions:1.Insulin facilitates entry of glucose inside the cells.2.Inhibits hepatic …

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Gynaecomastia is the proliferation of male breast glandular tissue. Causes of gynaecomastia: 1.Physiological (ageing) 2.Cirrhosis of liver 3.Hyperthyroidism 4.Klinefelter’s syndrome 5.Hypogonadism 6.Tumours of testes and lung (You can remember the following drugs using SOme Drugs Create Awesome Knockers) 7.Spironolactone 8.Oestrogen 9.Digoxin 10.Cimetidine 11.Alcohol 12.Ketoconazole -Mrunali Gondane

Important instruments for Medicine Practicals

Important instruments for Medicine Practical exams Click on the instruments below to read further. Simple rubber catheterRyle’s tubeFoley’s catheterMetered dose inhalerSpacer/SpacehalerTracheostomy tube AMBU bagLaryngoscopeEndotracheal tubeLiver biopsy needleLumbar puncture needleBone marrow aspiration needle SyringeTuberculin SyringeInsulin SyringeIV bottle and infusion setSphygmomanometerSthethoscope Simple rubber catheter It is made up of India rubber or latex rubber.One end if open …

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Diuretics are the drugs which causes loss of Na and water in urine. CLASSIFICATION OF DIURETICS HIGH EFFICACY DIURETICS SUPHAMOYL DERIVATIVES- furosemide, bumetanide MEDIUM EFFICACY DIURETICS THIAZIDES– hydrochlorothiazide, benzthiazide THIAZIDE LIKE– metolazone, xipamide, indapamide, clopamide WEAK DIURETICS CARBONIC ANHYDRASE INHIBITORS– acetazolamide POTASSIUM SPARING DIURETICS– Aldosterone antagonist- spironolactone Inhibitors of renal epithelial Na channel- amiloride OSMOTIC …

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Side effects of thiazides and furosemide

Hypokalaemia Occurs with chronic use or if dietary intake of K is less. Longer acting thiazide causes more loss of K than shorter acting (intermittent compensatory replenishment) furosemide. Prevention/treatment– high intake of K, supplement KCL, use K sparing diuretic. Ototoxicity Only with loop diuretics in presence of renal insufficiency. Allergy Rash, photosensitivity. Hyperuricemia Competition with …

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