Pharmacology mnemonics

Acute pulmonary edema is fluid buildup in the lungs. It is a medical emergency. It is usually caused due to a heart condition.  Mnemonic for Treatment of Acute pulmonary edema is LMNOP.  L– Loop diuretics M– Morphine N– Nitrates O– Oxygen P– Pressors(Dobutamine) and Position(sit up) 

Detoxification mainly takes place in the liver. The purpose is to convert foreign or toxic compounds to easily excretable or non toxic forms. Detoxification reactions can be remembered by CHOR– Conjugation, Hydrolysis, Oxidation and Reduction. Detoxification is divided into two phases (I and II). Phase I includes three reactions (HOR of CHOR) called Hydrolysis, Oxidation …

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Better Mother Care During Hypertensive Pregnancy Better- beta blockers (labetalol and cardioselective) Mother- methyl dopa ( it is the preferred drug) Care- Clonidine During- Dihydropyridine CCB Hypertensive- Hydralazine (it is the drug of choice for hypertensive emergencies in pregnancy) Pregnancy- Prazosin (and other aloha blockers)

C- Cough A- Angioedema P- Proteinuria T- Taste disturbance and Teratogenic O- Others(fatigue and headache) P- Potassium increase R- Renal failure (if used in bilateral renal artery stenosis) I- Itch L-Low BP (postural hypotension)

Glaucoma (angle closure) Alkalinisation of urine Mountain sickness Epilepsy

We can remember the adverse effects of Phenytoin by the mnemonic- HOT MALIKA 😛 H– Hirsutism, Hypertrophy of gums O– Osteomalacia T– Teratogenic M– Megaloblastic anemia A– Ataxia and nystagmus L– Lymphadenopathy I– Inhibits release of insulin (hyperglycemia) K– Vitamin K deficiency A– Arrhythmia As Phenytoin is teratogenic, it causes certain malformations in the fetus …

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Remember these conditions by the mnemonic ABCDE A– Asthma B– Block (heart block) C– COPD D– Diabetes mellitus (because beta blockers cause hypoglycemia and also mask the effects of hypoglycemia) E– Electrolyte imbalance (hyperkalemia)

Remember the mnemonic- BALD FISH! Bronchoconstriction and Bradycardia Arrhythmias Lethargy Disturbance in glucose metabolism (Hypoglycemia) Fatigue Insomnia Sexual dysfunction Hypotension