Medicine and Beyond

Towards happiness

Bhatke Vimukta Vikas Pratishthan (BVVP) purchased about 20 acres of land for the needy kids of Yamgarwadi where they set up a school ‘Eklavya Vidya Sankul‘, a hostel, kitchen, a park, playground, a small clinic with basic medicinal supply, ambulance, residential accommodation for teaching & non teaching staff. It’s a tiny world of these tribal …

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The struggle is real

Nomadic tribes like that of Yamgarwadi are far behind in the race of world. Some kids are either orphans, or their parents are out there somewhere begging or struggling for a little amount of money in other ways to fill their bellies. We’re all so busy in our comfortable lives. We laugh out loud when …

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The tiny vagabond

This little girl was a free spirit, brave & independent. She was a kid but had responsibility on her back of earning money just to fill her stomach with a meal, life gave her no choice. She belonged to a Nomadic tribe, born & lived in Yamgarwadi (Tehsil Tuljapur, District Osmanabad in Maharashtra). She played …

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