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MBBS. It’s funny how 4 small letters and 5 long years can change your life forever. Exactly an year ago, on 1st August, 2016, was my first day of College at LTMMC, widely touted as one of the best Medical Colleges in the country, second best in the State (soon to be best, watch out …

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Author: Aishwarya Ghonge 06/01/16 I am putting together this post to serve as a compass for the bewildered first years, who after pestering their seniors for study tips have stumbled onto Google because apparently Google Baba is omniscient. I will be writing this post in two parts; the first part will focus solely on the …

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Hello there!  I, Vanni, am here again to bore you with another LAQ on how to ace our all time favorite PHYSIOLOGY! This subject, though seems like a cake walk, is relatively harder to score in! 

Hello everyone! This is Vanni and I am writing this abnormal post on how to score normally in ANATOMY. Anatomy is the glam subject of 1st year