ASMI Interns’ Strike


Interns' Strike 2018

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What is the strike for?

It’s been a month since our meeting with the Minister, who had assured us quick action. Despite repeated follow-ups at ministries, it has borne no good fruit!

It seems that we are left with no option but to take up a vigorous move to meet our demand. Hence, the Association of State Medical Interns (ASMI), has decided to go on an indefinite strike starting from 13th June midnight.

Present state of Interns in Maharashtra

Rs. 1

The medical students in Maharashtra are charged the highest fees during the course of MBBS as compared to other states.

Rs. 1

But they receive the lowest Stipend

1 +
working hours in a week

In spite of the long work hours 

Comparison of Tuition fees and stipend in various States

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Our demands

A better compensation for our hardwork

Increment in the stipend to 15,000 a month with effect from February 2018, and credit of the same at the earliest.

Fixed working hours

We work at very odd hours, doing 24-30 hours of emergencies, getting a meagre 6000 per month, that's just Rs.200 per day. Four and a half years of gruelling intense medical school for this? This is unacceptable and highly unethical. We demand a dignified pay for our work.

A respectable workplace

Interns are exposed to high risk infections, such as HIV, TB etc and if that is not enough, we are always under the threat of an assault by some relative or police or politician.

And no scutwork

Internship is designed for learning and gaining experience in the given field, but far from it we are used as cheap labour in hospitals leading to little or no improvement in our clinical skills.

Timeline of events

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Our story

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For any inquiries please email

Darshan Kalal, GGMC, Mumbai, President:

Mohd. Asif Patel, GGMC, Mumbai, Joint Secretary:

Our contact numbers

Darshan Kalal: 7588737476

Asif Patel: 8421944789